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		<span class="g-contact-value">745, West Shewrapara Molla Tower, Mirpur, Dhaka</span>

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		<span class="g-contact-value">+88 01674 073218 <br>+88 01711 373896</span>

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		<span class="g-contact-value">[email protected]</span>



Package 01500 Tk. Per MonthUp to 5Mbps (Shared)
Package 02600 Tk. Per MonthUp to 6Mbps (Shared)
Package 03800 Tk. Per MonthUp to 10Mbps (Shared)
Package 041000 Tk. Per MonthUp to 15Mbps (Shared)
Package 051200 Tk. Per MonthUp to 20Mbps (Shared)
Package 061500 Tk. Per MonthUp to 25Mbps (Shared)
Package 072000 Tk. Per MonthUp to 30Mbps (Shared)
Package 082500 Tk. Per MonthUp to 40Mbps (Shared)